Dying Without a Will: A Short Guide

While many people assume that a will is only for the rich, a properly written legal will is the cornerstone of any estate plan for anyone who owns property or may, in the future own property. That includes just about everyone. It is the primary means of transferring your assets upon death and instructs the […]

What is the Difference between Dependent and Independent Administration?

During probate, Texas estates are generally settled in one of two ways. In a dependent administration, the executor must get court approval for most actions and report regularly to the probate judge, while in an independent administration, the executor is given more autonomy to carry out their duties without the need to report their actions […]

What Common Probate Problems Can an El Paso Probate Attorney Solve?

Probate can sometimes be a complicated, lengthy and expensive process for all parties involved. When disputes and inconsistencies arise with a decedent’s estate during the probate process, Texas probate court can become a difficult and exhausting experience thanks to several common probate problems. Fortunately, many of these common problems encountered during probate can be solved […]

What is a Probate Bond?

A probate bond (also known as a fiduciary bond or estate bond) is a type of court bond often required by probate courts. Probate bonds must be obtained by individuals who have been appointed to act on behalf of others, such as to take care of their property or finances after their death. This is […]

Is it Possible to Contest a Will?

Imagine your surprise when a parent or close loved one dies and, in their will, they have mysteriously left everything to a random person that you and your family barely know. Can the will be contested and ultimately proven invalid if you believe this to be a mistake or an intentional act of fraud? Why […]