Limited Liability Company

If you’re doing business — or considering doing business — in Texas, you may be curious about the benefits of forming a corporate entity. For small businesses, in particular, a specific type of corporate form, the limited liability company (LLC) has certain advantages. This structure can limit your personal liability for business debts and lawsuits […]


If you have been appointed to be the guardian of a person or the guardian of the estate during probate, you may have questions about what your new role entails. You may be unsure of your ability to carry out your new responsibilities and are looking for guidance on how to be a proactive guardian. […]


The United States is expected to have 1,700 new millionaires every single day by 2020. As the rate of newly minted millionaires increases, more and more families will find themselves “wealthy.” While some of these millionaires will continue to build a fortune and care for their heirs for generations, Money Magazine reports that wealth vanishes […]