Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Stewart Forbes has acted as a mediator and arbitrator in employment law cases. One important area of his practice is providing mediation and arbitration services to the public in employment disputes.

At Forbes & Forbes, you will find a courtroom attorney skilled in litigation, who can bring that experience to bear in finding an equitable solution for parties involved in arbitration or mediation.

A Broad Knowledge Base and Federal Experience

A broad range of experience in multiple areas of law is a vital asset for an arbitrator or mediator. Stewart Forbes brings a wealth of experience to providing alternative dispute resolution services to clients, including:

  • Knowledge of all aspects of employment law
  • Nearly four decades of courtroom experience
  • Former legal representative for trade and labor unions
  • Experience with civil service proceedings and litigation
  • Experience with arbitrations and mediation involving unions and the federal government

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