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Real estate law and construction law frequently overlap during the planning, building, remodeling and financing stages. Our law firm can help any party with legal needs related to residential or commercial real estate building or remodeling projects.

At Forbes & Forbes, we provide a full range of transactional and litigation services for both the real estate industry and clients in construction and commercial development. Our law firm represents clients in El Paso, Texas, and the surrounding area. Our attorneys work regularly with inspectors, CPAs, real estate agents, architects, and other types of industry experts in real estate litigation and all legal matters arising during construction projects.

We represent builders and property owners, lenders and borrowers, contractors, and subcontractors who have legal matters of any kind related to residential and commercial property, including title, ownership or possession issues with a home or business property. We help clients avoid foreclosure by working out the debt before they lose the property, bringing quick and effective resolutions to foreclosure issues. We would like to help you if you are in default or you have received a foreclosure notice. If you are a lender, we can help you to navigate the technical procedure involved in foreclosure of real property.

Construction law extends to large firms and solo proprietors alike, and professional assistance is required to adequately represent its many areas. Often, construction law disputes carry high expenses. A construction entity facing charges may experience lost income, notoriety and time. Many construction investors and professionals, for this reason, cannot afford a negligence claim, arena disputes and contractor collection charges. Construction law, while expansive, often focuses on several areas.

Mechanic’s Lien Filing Issues

A Mechanic’s Lien is a remedy utilized by subcontractors, contractors and other parties to resolve payment issues. If a party files a Mechanics’ Liens against a project’s owner, the property will be placed on hold against refinancing or selling.

A Mechanic’s Lien, for this reason, may require extensive legal assistance. A Mechanic’s Lien must be completed within a specific timeframe, and it must be fully resolved before currency is distributed. Typically, a Liens must be removed before additional action is taken. Liens filing is time-consuming, and divided attention between a project and receivable securement can create legal issues. In such cases, legal defense and prosecution commences. It’s important to hire a mechanic’s lien attorney for guidance.

Property Defect Claims

Townhome, condominium, commercial properties and family residences may carry design or construction defects. In such events, defect claims are usually filed. While a favorable resolution is often sought, client assistance is frequently needed during the pursuit of contractual and insurance coverage.

Within the industry, construction projects are engaged alongside scores and parties carrying conflicting obligations and rights. In the legal realm, an experienced team is required to determine best-case outcomes. Case management, frequently, requires the inspection of multiple documents, maintenance standards and construction history.

Contractor Collection Issues

In the construction industry, legal boundaries may be breached if a contractor collects either from a subcontractor or owner. Service-seekers are urged to observe a provider’s classification, and they’re urged to ensure that governmental agencies view the provider as an independent contractor—not an employee. Employees misclassified as contractors pose incredible damage in the legal realm, and contractors collecting compensation from subcontractors may face legal consequences.

Employee leasing companies, too, may appear in the legal realm if compensation is not collected properly. While construction negligence claims may not be tied directly to a leasing company, monetary issues typically require the most responsible party to provide compensation.

Boundary and Mortgage Disputes

Boundary disputes, too, require significant legal assistance to resolve. Typically, a legal provider assists clients in real estate disputes revolving around contractual issues with boundaries, membership and eminent domain. Fortunately, adequate law support exists to cover real estate litigation surrounding these areas.

Impacted parties may similarly wish to take action over mortgage foreclosures, property owner disputes and breach of contract disputes. Boundary and mortgage issues frequently accompany surrounding fiscal claims, too, and may take substantial support to remedy.

Securing Adequate Coverage

Within the construction law realm, effective legal providers draft contracts, complete real estate transactions and are prompt in delivery. Error-free documents, of course, are vital to any transactional work.

Business owners, homeowners and construction providers should take care in acquiring professional legal assistance to create deed contracts, buy, sell and create sale negotiations. Additionally, parties should acquire legal coverage throughout all real estate transactions. Warranty deeds, letters of intent and other construction contracts, when prepared with legal support, heavily protect the individual.

Full Service Law Firm

When we draft contracts or complete real estate transactions, we take pride in our timely delivery and we know what it takes to execute error-free documents. The types of transactional work we provide to the real estate market and construction industry includes:

  • Complete closing documents for real estate transactions
  • Buying and selling, including purchase and sale negotiations
  • Deeds
  • Contracts for deed
  • Letters of intent
  • Deeds of trust and mortgages
  • Commercial and residential leases
  • Warranty deeds
  • All types of construction contracts
  • Construction or equipment liens
  • Commercial landlord and tenant transaction and disputes
  • Finance and refinance
  • Franchise agreements and transactions

Our depth of knowledge and experience is beneficial when one of our clients runs into a real estate dispute and needs an attorney with real estate or construction litigation experience. We serve general contractors, construction managers, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, architects, engineers, and sureties in any legal matter that may arise in connection with any construction project-public or private. The types of real estate litigation and construction lawsuits for which we provide representation include:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Owner / contractor / subcontractor disputes
  • Condominium association / member disputes
  • General contractor / property owner disputes
  • Liens and collections
  • Eminent domain issues
  • Building defect or workmanship disputes
  • Mortgage foreclosures

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