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Every day, an average of 80 people die on roadways in the United States. In addition, more than 5 million non-fatal vehicle crashes injure or disable millions of people each year.

Even if you’re fortunate enough to escape serious injury, an accident can leave you shaken and scared, and your car may sustain serious damage. If you are injured, you may suffer long-term or even permanent effects. By working with an experienced car accident attorney, you take steps toward receiving fair compensation for your injuries and putting your life back together.

At Forbes & Forbes, we have been helping car crash victims since 1971. We understand the serious nature of traumatic injuries, as well as the intricacies of medical care and the many details involved in securing compensation from insurance companies. We understand the complexities of motorcycle and car accidents, and look forward to helping you get the help you need to heal.

Primary Cause: Driver Error

Driver inattention and mistakes account for a significant portion of accidents. In many cases, texting or talking on a cell phone are to blame; in fact, cell phone use plays a role in up to a quarter of vehicle crashes.

Many drivers falsely believe they can multitask, and they allow their attention to turn to other activities, including using a cell phone, adjusting a radio, eating or retrieving an item from the floorboard. In that split second, tragedy can strike.

Driver fatigue also accounts for many accidents. An overly tired driver is more likely to nod off behind the wheel, and fatigue significantly reduces reaction time when a quick response on the road is necessary. Drinking and getting behind the wheel has the same effect on a driver’s reflexes in critical moments, and speeding exacerbates the harm in a crash.

Other Factors Also Share Blame

In some cases, car accidents occur through no fault of a driver. When roads are poorly maintained, drivers can have difficulty maintaining traction or stopping in time to avoid an object or other hazard on the roadway.

Weather conditions also cause many car accidents. Moisture from rain, snow or ice can make roads slick, which can affect overall driving conditions and increase stopping times. Poor weather — including snow, rain and fog — also can make it difficult to see and be seen by other drivers.

The mechanical condition of vehicles can lead to accidents. For instance, worn-out brakes or tires can decrease the ability of a car to stop quickly, and other mechanical problems can affect steering ability.

Understanding the Facts ∙ Concern for the Individual

At our law firm, our El Paso/Las Cruces car accidents attorneys know that understanding caselaw and the facts of your case is just part of our task. We must also demonstrate our real concern for the injured party. We are dedicated to keeping you abreast of the progress of your case.

Most personal injury lawsuits develop in similar stages:

  • Investigation — gathering the facts, interviewing motorcycle or car accident witnesses, contacting police, requesting records as necessary and researching caselaw and insurance policy restrictions
  • Reconstruction — virtual or physical accident recreation using experts such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists and others
  • Evaluation — performing a thorough assessment of your injuries, medical treatment and likely outcomes, which often involves medical experts such as radiologists, surgeons and others
  • Negotiation — seeking agreement about the necessary compensation with the negligent party’s insurance company, while preparing to take the case to trial
  • Resolution — achieving a settlement or fully pursuing your claim in court

Whether your case was a minor car accident or fender-bender due to a distracted, texting driver, or a major car accident resulting in a severe brain injury, spinal cord injury or wrongful death, we are here for you and ready to begin working on your case.

Be Aware of Underinsured and Uninsured Motorists

Many motorists carry insurance to cover injuries caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Our law firm has experience obtaining settlements when individuals are underinsured and do not carry sufficient liability and property damage insurance to cover the damage and injuries you have suffered. We understand how insurance policies work and will work with you toward a satisfactory solution.

Compensation for Car Accidents

If you’ve been in an accident in the El Paso area, you may have suffered harm, including physical or emotional injuries, lost time from work, and damage to your property. By working with experienced attorneys, you have an opportunity to receive compensation to which you’re entitled, including payment of your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

You can be sure that the other driver, and any involved insurance companies, will have legal representatives fighting to avoid responsibility for the accident. To ensure that your rights are protected, it’s critical to work with attorneys who have significant experience in car accident cases. Please contact Forbes & Forbes Law for a consultation about your case.


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