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El Paso Construction Site Accident Attorneys

A construction site is a potentially dangerous place. Hard hats are worn for a very good reason. Important protections have been mandated by OSHA, by the states of Texas and New Mexico and by company policies. But sometimes the regulations and precautions are not enough, or were not followed. If you suffered a serious injury because of dangerous job site conditions in El Paso, you need a jobsite accident lawyer. .

If you or a loved one has been injured in a construction or other job site accident, our law firm would like to help. Forbes & Forbes, located in El Paso, is a law firm representing personal injury clients in New Mexico and Texas. We’ve been representing personal injury plaintiffs since 1971 and would like the opportunity to help you as well.

We will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if an employer or third party is at fault, and build your case accordingly.

Injured on the Job? We Understand.

Our jobsite accident attorneys understand the rules and regulations meant to prevent work site injuries. The types of work related injuries and accidents for which we represent injured parties include:

  • Falls — falling off a building, a crane or scaffolding, perhaps involving safety tie-down issues
  • Burns — chemical burns or burns from explosions
  • Amputations — job site accidents resulting in loss of a limb
  • Traumatic head injures or spinal injuries — caused by falling objects and other accidents
  • Electrical shock — electrocution on site or at a site under the jurisdiction of an employer, contractor or sub-contractor
  • Wrongful death — from any workplace incident

Any Plaintiff Represented at Our El Paso Law Firm

Our El Paso law firm will represent any injured party or plaintiff, whether you are an employee, a contractor, sub-contractor, consultant or independent contractor. Our role is to recover costs and damages so that you can concentrate on healing.

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